Friday, December 14, 2007

How to Inactivate PSRF_REPORT_CREATE messages

PT 8.48: Unable to inactivate PSRF_REPORT_CREATE messages for Report Distribution.

Tools 8.48

Unable to prevent PSRF_REPORT_CREATE messages when reports are run from the Process Scheduler and posted by the Distribution Agent to Report Manager. These Report Distribution messages are not wanted and cause performance issues with other Integration Broker messages. Integration Broker messages are activated or inactivated by the Service Operations page. This works for other messages but not with PSRF messages.


To Inactivate Report Distribution Messages:

1. PeopleTools, Integration Broker, Integration Setup, Service Operations, Service: PSRF, Search.

2. Click on the hyperlink for each message and uncheck the "Active" box for the following Report Distribution

3. Click on the Save button for each message.

NOTE: This is all that should normally be performed to inactivate Report Distribution messages.

Additional Workaround Steps:

1) PeopleTools, Security, User Profiles, User Profiles, User ID (e.g. VP1), Search.

2) Roles Tab.

3) Add EIR Administrator, press Save.

4) Log out and back into PIA.

5) PeopleTools, Portal, Structure and Content.

6) Click on the Enterprise Components Hyperlink: do not select Edit or Delete.

7) EI Repository, click on Edit hyperlink.

8) Uncheck "Hide from portal navigation, click Save.

9) Enterprise Components, EI Repository, Message Properties, Message Name Begins With: PSRF,
Press Search.

10) The following messages will display:

11) Inactivate these messages from Message/Subscription tab, press Save.

12) Bounce the app server and Process Scheduler and clear cache.

13 PeopleTools, Integration Broker (IB), Service Operations Monitor, Async Services.

14 Note PSRF_REPORTING_FOLDERS: Done Column => note number.

15 From another browser Run AEMINITEST.

16 On the Service Operations Monitor/Async Services page, click on the Refresh button: the number should no
longer increment.

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